RODAN + FIELDS | Skincare Review

I was recently sent a few items from Rodan + Fields to try out and I’d have to say there are definite hits and misses among the bunch. This was my first time trying anything associated with R+F besides the breakout Proactiv products (which I wasn’t a fan of), but I’ve certainly heard about these … Continue reading “RODAN + FIELDS | Skincare Review”

I was recently sent a few items from Rodan + Fields to try out and I’d have to say there are definite hits and misses among the bunch. This was my first time trying anything associated with R+F besides the breakout Proactiv products (which I wasn’t a fan of), but I’ve certainly heard about these newer lines from a ton of friends who are R+F Consultants.

My first thought when I opened the box was “whoa… the packaging sure has stepped up its game since the old Proactiv days!” I was super impressed with the sleek and clean design, as well as some features of each product I’ll get into specifically.

ENHANCEMENTS™ Micro-Dermabrasion Paste Packets
A quick bit of info on traditional microdermabrasion: it is an exfoliating treatment using fine crystals which are sprayed on the skin. It works best on problems such as dull skin, brown spots, and age spots. Microdermabrasion should work on all skin types and colors to make subtle changes, causing no skin color change or scarring. Regular exfoliation is key to rejuvenating your skin and helping the cell turnover process keep up with life’s daily toll.

These R+F Micro-Dermabrasion Paste Packets are an easy alternative to a more pricey service done by a dermatologist or esthetician, but you should be aware that they produce less drastic results.

For the paste application, it says to massage the entire contents of one packet directly onto the skin for 30-60 seconds; do not wet the skin before use. (Please note: it doesn’t say, but you should ALWAYS do exfoliation on CLEAN SKIN! You will grind dirt and impurities into your skin otherwise, so always wash your face thoroughly first with a gentle cleanser.) The instructions say that for a more gentle exfoliation, use the paste on damp skin and slowly add water to lessen the intensity.

I found that one packet was more paste than I needed, so I could really get 2-3 uses out of each. The paste was almost a thick, lumpy, sugary oil feeling, which wasn’t unpleasant, but I prefer a more fine grit when it comes to an at home microdermabrasion formula. The scent however… wowza, that wasn’t awesome. It does dissipate but oooof, what the heck was that?! The product ingredient deck lists a fragrance, so here’s hoping that scent wasn’t intentional.

PS: when I tried to find this on the US website, I realized that I couldn’t! I was sent these from R+F Canada, so I’m not 100% certain if the packets are available in the US, however it is available in their standard jar packaging.

REDEFINE™ Night Renewing Serum
To follow the Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, I was told to use one of the blue Night Renewing Serum capsules all over my face before any other moisturizers.

I was a major fan of this serum! One capsule was more than enough for my face, neck and décolletage. (However if you find that one capsule is too much, you really can’t save any excess due to the specific type of single use packaging.) I didn’t have enough sample capsules to really tell a huge difference so I can’t give you true feedback on it’s long term results, but I think especially for travel this product is a wonderful alternative to some of my glass jar serums.

REDEFINE™ Multi-Function Eye Cream
Moving on… after applying the Night Serum I used the Multi-Function Eye Cream (I also used the eye cream in the mornings). This was my favorite item of all! It was so nice, so light and smoothed into my eye area like a dream. It didn’t have a strong fragrance at all and it really did seem to brighten and smooth out my under eyes.

Under my eye makeup during the day, I had no issues with creasing or patchiness. In fact this cream didn’t really affect my makeup at all (which isn’t always the case with eye creams for me).

REDEFINE™ Lip Renewing Serum
This was another serum in tiny little capsules, and again a generous amount of product for such a tiny silver blob. The serum was very thin, and honestly there was way too much in the capsule for me. You could’ve coated my lips a few times with that! But alas, same as before, there is no way to save the excess from the capsules.

Again, I didn’t really have that many capsules to sample for long term results, but with a lip serum it seemed faster to tell a bit of a difference. My lips were much softer once the serum soaked in and it didn’t have a taste really at all. I’d give this product a thumbs up with just a wish that they develop an alternative application method.

REDEFINE™ Age Shield Hand Balm
Now this was one of the coolest products of all. It looks like a tiny deodorant… but NO, it’s sunscreen for your HANDS! Most people don’t realize you need to also protect your hands from sun damage. The skin there is so thin, it can age quickly. While many people may not have a need for this, I see tremendous potential, let me explain…

If you’re at the beach or pool, obviously just use the sunscreen you’re putting on your body, duh I would. BUT I come from a family of golfers, tennis players, etc outdoor activities and let me tell you… trying to tee off with greasy sunscreen on your non-gloved hand? FORE!!!

This seems brilliant because it rubbed in like a hand balm, not thin or slippery like a lotion, and it was super convenient to apply from the stick, so as to not slime up your palms. Do I think this is an everyday item? Not really, but it’s so perfect if you’re going to be outside and want sun protection but not traditionally slimy hands.

What about you guys… have you tried any Rodan + Fields products? I’d love to hear which ones and your thoughts on them. Also be sure to subscribe and follow all of my fun social links around here, and please share if you loved this post!

Xoxo, Meeghan

Disclaimer: I received these samples to review from Kevin at Rodan + Fields, but all opinions are my own. I wasn’t compensated in any way to write this review nor under any obligation to do so. If you’re interested in ordering any of these items, feel free to contact Kevin directly via email ( or via he and his wife’s R+F Facebook page

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